ATM Fashion House

New York, NY

At the intersection of architecture, fashion and art, ATM Clothing and Strata Architects teamed up to create a new showroom in the heart of New York’s Chelsea Arts District. Since launching in 2012, ATM Clothing – founded by renowned designer Anthony Thomas Melillo expanded from a line of simple, chic tees to a full service fashion house. But as the ATM line expanded, the former workspace no longer fit. The new 3,500 SF space – a former art gallery with large windows overlooking the Hudson River – provided the raw canvas for a new showroom, design space and sales office. The simple, chic brand created by Melillo was translated into a three-dimensional fashion-ready space by Strata Architects. A close collaboration developed between the designers, who worked together on everything from the polished aluminum hardware to the blackened tables created by a unique charring process. The two-tone surfaces are simple and elegant while the materiality creates a sense of work-in-progress – an inspirational yet practical space where design and craft are inextricably linked.


Photo credit:  Zach DeSart Photography